Water Tank Supplies & Installations


You can save money on water by having a tank installed. Whether you need to flush toilets, link them to your swimming pool pump or have them feed into your washing machine tap, this is the way to go. You can maximise the amount of water captured on rainy days by having your gutters, downpipes and position of the water tank installed correctly.


Pumps range in various sizes and depending what your requirements are we supply the best pump for the job, from 0.37kw to 3kw pumps we have you covered from gardening, household and even office pumps for your business.


Filtration can be provided in various stages from having leaf catches on the downpipes, particle filtration before your tank and of course a 3-stage filtration before your house. It is extremely important to have water go through a filtration system if being used for the household, filters play a crucial role in eliminating sediment, sand, gravel, carbon, and other particles that can gather from your roof.


We quote, supply and install from start to finish. From guttering, concrete slabs, tanks, pumps, filters and even plumbing into your home or business. Call us for a quote today!


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