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Milk Cooling Tanks

Rø-ka has been producing milk tanks since 1967 and has gained unique knowledge and expertise in cooling technology. We carry a wide range of spare parts in stock. Condensing units installed on the tanks are sized according to individual milking requirements and ambient temperatures to ensure correct cooling. The milk tank is designed for optimal and economical cooling. Rø-ka milk tanks can be cooled with heat pump compressors and / or ice-water/glycol systems. RKC is a closed tank made of stainless steel. It features a fully automatic washing system and control of the refrigeration and washing processes. The controls include programming like wash times, temperature control, a digital dipstick, and a memory feature. The tank’s control communication is via an LCD display. All tanks are individually calibrated. Rø-ka is one of the few tanks that offer a digital dipstick, and the milk tank outlet is adapted for Standard SA collection with a 2’ outlet.

Milking Systems

We supply and install the Boumatic/Strangko milking machines, our staff have been comprehensively trained by Strangko in Denmark to install, problem solve and maintain this machine. We carry a wide range of spares, including rubber ware for milking machines. Boumatic and Strangko are both Full-line products. Their core area lies in milking techniques, and covers traditional milking parlours, rotaries, and milking robots.


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