Intruduction to Solar Pumps

It is composed of three parts------solar panels, photovoltaic inverter and pump. Solar panels absorb solar radiation energy and transforms into DC electrical energy, photovoltaic inverter transforms the DC power into three-phase AC driving pump operation. According to changes in sunlight intensity in real time adjust output frequency. when sunshine reaches peak, pump runs at rated speed; when sunshine is weak, it runs lower than the rated speed, regulating speed running in MPPT way, ensure the pump work steadily.

Application Field

Agricultural irrigation, village drinking water, pastoral farming, forestry irrigation,landscape fountain, etc..

Product Information

Inverter controller

Setting parameter automatic / manual

The application of various three-phase

asynchronous motor

High conversion efficiency, MPPT control

Lightning protection, combiner, under voltage and over current protection

Optional water level detection accessories(To prevent the motor anhydrous idling and water of tower overflow)

Product Information

Pump(4”and 6”pump)

High efficiency three-phase AC Pumps(380V).

Protect check valve

Stainless steel material

Protection grade:IP68


Simple installation,do not need to set up power grid

Full automatic operation,without manual operation

Low investment cost, quick return of cycle. Low carbon, energy saving

Technological innovation, realizing agricultural modernization



Solar pump system


Solar pump system


Solar pump system