Solar Sreet Lights

The integrated solar street light integrates the components of traditional solar street lights,the appearance is fashionable,graceful,concise.There is no need to bury batteries and complex wiring,Only a few screws can be installed.It can be installed in the sun.

It also can be placed on the wall and hung on the pole.High efficiency integrated controller is equipped with infrared induction energy saving module, Which can be worked 3-6 cloudy and rainy days continuously.The cost is only 50-60% of the traditional solar street light.

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Integrated Solar Street Light Introduction catalogue 2018

Separated solar street light catalogue 2018

Product Details

This is a fashionable and beautiful integrated LED solar street light. It integrates high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel, LED light source, intelligent high conversion rate controller and long life lithium battery. The solar street light are simple, no need burying batteries, no need complicated wiring or setting. Any place with sunshine can be installed, It can be mounted on a wall or mounted on a lamp post according to the environment. What you need to do is to screw up a few screws and fix it. That's all.

Time control mode: when the dark time is coming, the solar led light works with 100% brightness lighting four hours, and the next time 50% lighting until dawn.

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Why Choose This Product?

The solar street lights are switched on automatically at night and switched off automatically at dawn. It adopts super full aluminum frame, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and can resist 12 levels of strong typhoons. All in one solar street light is aluminum with excellent heat dissipation. It has been used for many years in desert cities..

There are two brightness modes of solar street light, infrared body induction and time control (optional).

Infrared body induction working mode: when no one is there automatically reduce brightness to save energy. When you are near, it will illuminate you with four times brightness immediately, effectively extend the lighting time.

Product Features

1.Pure ternary low internal resistance lithium battery, the life is up to five years, the temperature adaption scope is -20℃ ~ 60℃.

2.Double battery charging and discharging protection ensures that battery life is guaranteed while customer property is guaranteed.

3.Waterproof switch, one key operation, simple installation.

4.Solar photovoltaic conversion provides electricity, environmental protection, no pollution, no noise.

5.Self developed R & D and produced controller with good compatibility and low failure rate.

6.The price is lower than traditional solar street lamps, one investment and long-term use.